Mae Ramphueng Beach
In front of the VIP Condo you find one of the best mainland beaches which are a full 12 km long. The beaches invite you for walks, a swim in the clean water or just enjoy the time there. Along the beach you will find Hotels, Restaurants, shopping stall and mini marts.

Ban Phe (6km from VIP Condochain)
Most of the people who are comes to Ban Phe do it for the ferry to Kho Samet which is a nearby tropical island known for white sandy beaches and snorkelling excursions  Ban Phe is an authentic Thai fishing village, great for souvenirs, markets and local seafood stalls. One of a great attraction is the Rayong Aquarium there were you can see sharks, stingrays and all other different species that live in the waters around Rayong. And there is a local night market. You will find food, clothing hand crafts and a lot of other things for a low price. Just have a look at: Ban Phe Village

Cycle Routes in Muang Rayong
This is a well know area to ride a bike. One of the highlight is the 200 km costal route from Mae Ramphueng to Kho Chang. But there are routes which including small hills too. For more information just contact one of the bike clubs in and around Rayong.

Rayong Province
Most of Rayong Province is marked by mountains interspersed by flat plains and large tracts of fruit plantations and forests. However, the province is most well known for its pristine beaches stretching along its 100-kilometer coastline and its scenic waterfalls set amidst exotic surroundings.

Aside from these natural attractions, Rayong produces an abundance of seafood products, such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, and dried seafood, and grows a number of tropical fruits of which rambutan, mangosteen and durian are the most famous.

Boasting indispensable sea-life resources, Rayong is also one of Thailand's major agricultural and industrial provinces. On the other hand, the province has maintained its traditions and customs in the daily lifestyles of the locals.

Most renowned for its quiet and unspoiled beaches, including Koh Samet National Park, Rayong is a popular beach getaway destination for Bangkok residents and a renowned producer of seafood related goods.

Ban Phe weather and climate

It has a tropical climate with rainy season (but less than 30 days) less marked than most of provinces of Thailand. Warm temperatures vary little during the year. The best time to come here is between November and March. Aside from maybe September is no time when it is really not advisable to come to Ban Phe. For the actual weather just have a look at:  <Weather in Ban Phe>